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"I had been struggling with feeling miserable as a result of being overweight. I was scared every time I looked in the mirror and saw my naked self. My self-confidence was very low. My friends and family always teased me about my weight without knowing that it really hurt me as I pretended that I didn't feel anything by laughing at it.
I came to Bangkok 3 months ago and had a gastric sleeve surgery with Dr.Samart. The surgery went well and I had to stay in the country for 15 days. So far I have lost 50 pounds. Even though I'm still losing more weight but I start to gain my life back. I can wear anything I want.I feel so good like a new person. Thank you so much to Dr.Samart and team as well as the team of Global Healthcare Options who took care of me so well during my 15 day stay in Thailand. I will definitely go back to visit this beautiful country, but this time without a surgery...
- Julia Steinbeck, Mill Valley, Ca. 

"Global Healthcare Options are wonderful, They look after my every need. I came for surgery. Everything was 100%. PEARL and MOD are 2 very special ladies. They made my stay worry free. I could't have got better treatment anywhere. Thank you
PS. Also a big thank you from my husband

- Susanne.M (Australia) facelift, 2016


I'm so happy with the results of my surgery!

"It’s now been a couple weeks since I had my breast implants replaced and I’m very happy.  I just wish I would have found Dr. Anthony and the team at Global Healthcare Options before I had the first surgery.

Thank you Global Healthcare Options!

-Inaya.N (Indonesia) breast implants replacement surgery, 2016 read more

Fiorenzo Nisi"At every step of the way, Global Healthcare Options was with me. If you are looking for a strong patient advocate in Thailand, I would encourage you to contact Global Healthcare Options.

-Fiorenzo.N (Italy) orthopedic surgery, 2015 read more


Ishihara MD, Ph.D.

"I am very happy with the results of the procedure in Bangkok. I was extremely happy with my doctor, the nurses, and the facility. Everyone with Global Healthcare Options and the Hospital is kind and respectful…..I can’t say enough about them. The results of my procedures are excellent. The cost was so reasonable. Compared to Japan, the cost is much lower.

-Dr. Ishihara (Japan) plastic surgery, 2015  | read more


"The Thai people are incredibly patient and helpful. The service at the Anti-Aging clinic I went to is superb. The doctors and clinical team are experienced and efficient. They took care of me really well. Thanks to the team of Global Healthcare Options that advised me to the facility and a personal assistant who assisted me throughout my entire time in Thailand. I’ll definitely come back.

-Meredith.T (USA) anti-aging, 2015  | read more


Debbie Almutawa

"My experience with Global Healthcare Options and the clinic they referred me to was so wonderful that I have sent many friends and family members to them as well. I gain my health, happiness, and energy. I highly recommend Global Healthcare Options, as they are so professional and quick in finding the right health care I needed at an affordable price. Global Healthcare Options was with me.

-Debbie.A (Kuwit) anti-aging, 2015  | read more

Mr. Adrian Matthews
Oregon, USA Patient

Mr. Scott Nissen
Texas, USA Patient