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Global Healthcare Options Expands Greatly

IN Response to greatly increased demands for our services, GLOBAL HEALTHCARE OPTIONS has initiated an aggressive recruiting process to bring on 30-50 new agents.  On June 17th, 2016 we hosted “Health = Wealth” event at The Column Tower to a group of 700+ people seeking the opportunity to join our company.

Dr. Anthony and Khun Pearl presented an overview of the Who, What, Why and How of Our Company.  Next we discussed the worldwide recognition Thailand has earned for offering Modern, Safe and Effective Medical Services to People from Around the World.

June 17th GHOp a How To Become An Agent How To Enroll in Training Program

We discussed the broad range of services most sought out by Medical Tourists, including Biological Age Assessments, Anti-Aging Treatments, Beauty Treatments and Plastic Surgery.

Our first training program for the first group of new Global Healthcare Options Agents will start July 1.  For more information go to: