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IN Response to greatly increased demands for our services, GLOBAL HEALTHCARE OPTIONS has initiated an aggressive recruiting process to bring on 30-50 new agents.  On June 17th, 2016 we hosted “Health = Wealth” event at The Column Tower to a group of 700+ people seeking the opportunity to join our company.

Dr. Anthony and Khun Pearl presented an overview of the Who, What, Why and How of Our Company.  Next we discussed the worldwide recognition Thailand has earned for offering Modern, Safe and Effective Medical Services to People from Around the World.

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We discussed the broad range of services most sought out by Medical Tourists, including Biological Age Assessments, Anti-Aging Treatments, Beauty Treatments and Plastic Surgery.

Our first training program for the first group of new Global Healthcare Options Agents will start July 1.  For more information go to:



IV Nutrition Therapy, or IV Nutraceuticals, is a way for your body to absorb vital vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids by direct delivery into the blood stream. By bypassing the gut, these nutrients are 100% absorbed and are immediately available for delivery to the body tissues. IV’s can be used to not only improve health and well-being, but also to improve your mood, rehydrate your body, reduce the signs of aging, give your immune system a boost, improve physical endurance, and even optimize athletic performance and recovery. Whatever health or wellness related goals you have, come discuss which of our unique formulas is right for you. Read more


As you age, hormones decline.

There are many kinds of Hormone Replacement Therapy and some treatments are not suited for everyone.

Our Bio-Cell Centre Physicians carefully evaluate a patient’s underlying hormone status and then create a personalized treatment program.

For some, this may mean the use of bio-identical hormone creams, for others it could mean a single long-acting injection once every three months.

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Medical Tourism is defined simply as “when you travel to a foreign country for medical purposes.” In the USA alone, up to 750,000 people travel annually to seek medical care overseas. There are an esitmated 2.4 million tourists arriving in Thailand each year, specifically for medical reasons. Read more