Breast Lift Surgery in Thailand: 10 Things You Need To Know


Breast Lift Surgery

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10 Things You Need To Know about Breast Lift Surgery

1. Breast Lift Surgery is also know as Mastopexy.  It is a procedure where the goals are to lift the nipple, reshape the breast, and in the some cases, resulting in  more youthful looking breasts.
2. Breast Lift Surgery can done with or without Breast Augmentation.
3. Breast Lift Surgery in no way, interferes with subsequent diagnostic procedures like mammogram or ultrasound.
4. Breast Lift Surgery should not interfere with normal breast function.  When done correctly, the woman with the breast lift should still be able to breast feed and retain sensation/sensual feelings feelings.
5. Breast Lift Surgery is commonly performed together with Breast Augmentation.  Breast Augmentation alone in a middle aged woman may not result in a more youthful appearance which why a Breast Lift Surgery becomes more common in the more mature woman.
6. Breast Lift Surgery can be performed a number of different ways and are usually named for the kind of incision made relative to the nipple.  “Anchor,” “Lollipop,” “Donut,” “Cresent,” and “Scarless” are the more common procedures that your plastic surgeon may inform you about.  Here is a link to clear descriptions of each of the procedures.
7. Breast Lift Surgery requires incisions on and near the breasts.  Fortunately, in the hands of a qualified and professional surgeon, the amount of scarring and discoloration will be minimized.
8. Breast Lift Surgery will alter the the appearance of the nipple and surrounding areola. 
9. Breast Lift Surgery is also to be looked at as an art.  Knowing what shape and degree of lift is right for you can best be made by an experienced surgeon who has not only the technical skill but also sees him or herself as an artist.
10. Breast Surgery requires close follow-up to minimize complications. Pay close attention to what your surgeon tells you to do to prevent problems.

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