I’m so happy with the results of my surgery!

Name: Naya Inayah

Country of Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia

Surgery: Breast Implants Replacement Surgery

6 months ago I traveled to Thailand for breast augmentation surgery at a well-known hospital.  Unfortunately, the results were not what I expected…..my breasts separated in such a way that wasn’t as attractive as I expected.

I was talking with an American doctor friend of mine who lived in Jakarta about the problem I had with my breast implants and he suggested that I contact Dr. Anthony at Global Healthcare Options in Bangkok.  Dr. Anthony returned my call and listened to my story.  He asked a lot of questions and suggested that I see a plastic surgeon he was working with for a Complimentary Consultation.  Nurse Mod scheduled the appointment with Dr. Kanit at Phyathai 2 Hospital and on the day of the appointment Khun Pearl picked me up and drove me to the appointment.

Dr. Kanit was very nice.  He explained to me why the previous surgical results had not turned out as well as I expected and went on to recommend a specific breast implant surgical procedure that would give far better results.  After discussing with my boyfriend, we scheduled the surgery.

The day of the surgery, Khun Pearl picked me up from the hotel and drove me to the hospital.  She was amazing, she stayed with me right up until I went into surgery.  When I returned to my room at the hospital, both Dr. Anthony and Khun Pearl came to visit me.  You know when you’re in a foreign country it helps to see a friendly face after surgery.

It’s now been a couple weeks since I had my breast implants replaced and I’m very happy.  I just wish I would have found Dr. Anthony and the team at Global Healthcare Options before I had the first surgery.

Thank you Global Healthcare Options!