Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Augmentation quick facts:

    • All-inclusive guide price – THB 95,000 / USD 2,698 / AUD 3,721
    • Overnight stay at the hospital – yes
    • Minimum required stay in Thailand – 7 days

    The Procedure

    Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and requires one to two hours to complete. The incision may be made in the crease under the breast (infra-mammary), around the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) or under the axilla (armpit). There are advantages and disadvantages for each incision which you will hear about during the consultation. After the incision is made, a pocket is created either over or under the muscle and the implant is placed in the pocket. Most augmentations in our practice are done under the muscle. but there are some indications for above the muscle. It is important to note that conservative sizes produce the best results; thus, it is very important to select a breast implant size that fits the patient’s body

    Most women after the surgery enjoy more youthful breasts form, report feeling better about themselves and having more self-esteem..

    After the procedure, patients are advised on wound care, medication, suture removal and follow-up. Usually patients also have to stay one night at the hospital. They can go back to their home country in 5-7 days after the surgery. Physical activity will be limited for several weeks after surgery. Scars will remain firm and pink for about six weeks and then begin to fade over several months.

    Simple illustration of the procedure

    krutu_didinimas1 krutu_didinimas2 krutu_didinimas3

    Possible Complications

    Although breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure, there are some risks involved:

    • As with any surgical procedure, excessive bleeding may produce swelling and bruising.
    • Infections are rare. However, if it occurs next to the implant, it might be necessary to remove the implant to resolve the infection.
    • In some breasts, firmness develops because scar tissue forms around the implant. This is called a “capsular contracture” and may require secondary surgery to correct.
    • Sensation change around the nipple can occur, but in most cases it is temporal.
    • Sometimes, the breasts will have slightly different shapes. In most cases, these problems can be treated with acceptable results.
    • Since the implants are made of plastic, they can rupture but silicone does not cause any significant risk to the body. This can be corrected by replacing implants.
    • Breast implants have never been shown to cause any form of cancer for women. However, implants do make mammography somewhat less accurate and more difficult to interpret. Women who have breast implants should advise their radiologist before having a mammogram so that the mammogram technique can be modified.

    Finally, there is no evidence that breast implants will affect breastfeeding, fertility or pregnancy. Most women after the surgery enjoy more youthful breasts form, report feeling better about themselves and have more self-esteem.

    Sample before & after photos:

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  • The costs in the table are all-inclusive*, unless stated otherwise. However, they are approximate. The exact price is determined during a free and non-binding consultation with the surgeon (sometimes sending pictures of the treatment areas is enough).

    *includes all the necessary medical costs (anesthesia, hospitalisation, consultations, etc.), value added tax (if applicable), help finding best flight tickets, accommodation booking, meeting at the airport, phone + Local SIM, 24/7 assistance in Thailand in case something is needed, help with after-care.

    Breast Augmentation Price in THB Price in USD Price in AUD
    Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc 95,000 2,698 3,721
    Breast Augmentation above 400 cc 105,000 2,982 4,113
    Breast Augmentation Tear Drop up to 400 cc 110,000 3,124 4,308

    *Ps. Exchange rate 1 US Dollar = 35.25 ฿, 1 AU Dollar = 25.53 ฿

  • Here you can find the most frequently asked questions:

    We use Natrelle® silicone-filled implants made in USA because they are reliable and preferred by our clients for their consistency, i.e. the natural feeling when touched. Technically, we can insert saline-filled implants, but they feel less natural. Hydrogel implants were banned in some countries; therefore we do not use them.
    Round implants emphasise the fullness of the upper part of the breast, whereas anatomic implants have a more natural shape.
    If you plan to have children in a few years, breast augmentation surgery should be postponed.
    After breast augmentation surgery sutures are usually removed after 7 days.
    It is advisable not to drive at least one week after the surgery.
    A special bra should be worn 4 to 6 weeks.
    Flying is possible 4-5 days after the surgery.
    Sleeping on the stomach is possible after 4 weeks.
    It depends on the type of work. Non-strenuous work can be resumed after a few days. Physical exercise may be resumed in six weeks after the surgery.
    Incisions can be made around the areola, under the armpit or underneath the breast.
    Replacement of implants is recommended after 10-20 years.
    Breast implants come with lifetime warrantee for rupture. After the surgery the patients receive insurance cards with implant manufacturer’s warranty to provide new implants free of charge in the event of rupture. If the implant ruptures within ten days following the breast augmentation surgery the manufacturer also covers part of repeated surgery costs (up to 1000 EUR).
    Yes, it is possible. The price is the same as of the same size implants.
    Complications after breast augmentation surgery are very unlikely, however, in rare instances, nipple numbness, infection, breast asymmetry, bleeding, visible scarring, implant perforation and capsule formation can occur.
    The final result is visible in three months after the surgery.
    Normally, the patients stay in the clinic for one night under the care of medical staff.
    No, breast feeding is not affected.
    If the bleeding is not profuse, drains are not used.
    Breast augmentation surgery for girls under 18 is not recommended except for extraordinary cases with their parents’ consent.
    Elective aesthetic surgeries do not qualify for a sick leave.
    Silicone obstructs the passing of X-rays but several images made from different projections enable to view the entire tissue of the breast.
    Extensive tests prove otherwise.
    After complete healing of the incisions scars can be treated with Dermatix ointment or special silicone scar reduction plasters Mepiform.


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