Anti-Aging Treatments are Designed to Improve and Extend the Quality and Quantity of Your Life.

Anti-Aging Thailand

Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation treatments refer to treatments designed specifically to improve one’s chances to live a long and healthy life. These treatments are most often available in small boutique clinics that cater to the most discriminating customers.

Diagnostic tests include state of the art functional medicine blood and urine tests, the latest in genomic testing and other tests to measure the “biological age” or various bodily systems.

The treatments offered through most anti-aging clinics tend to be focused on non-drug modalities such as personalized supplements, IV nutrient cocktails, chelation therapies, as well as some innovative treatments including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cell therapies and hormone replacement therapies.

Global Healthcare Options has interviewed and assessed a number of service providers in this category of treatment and can help you become better-informed about what is available and who is offering it.



Biological age assessments attempt to measure the rate at which certain tissues and systems in your body are aging. For example, some anti-aging physicians test for telomere length. This test helps the physician estimate how fast you’re aging compared to others the same chronological age as you. Anti-Aging physicians measures the biological age of your bones, your immune system, your body structure, kidney function, etc. Global Healthcare Options can connect you to Thailand’s best anti-aging physicians.




There are a number of anti-aging physicians in Thailand that work with certified compounding laboratories to formulate personalized nutraceutical supplements based on your unique physiological and in some cases genetic needs. Global Healthcare Options can introduce you to the service providers that specialize in this boutique medicine service.


Intravenous Nutrient Cocktails have become increasingly popular for those seeking to restore their health and well-being faster than what was available in the past. This type of treatment usually takes 60-90 minutes and can be completed while listening to relaxing music or watching an informative health program on a large flat screen monitor. Global Healthcare Options knows who offers these kinds of services throughout Thailand and who is getting the best results.


Chelation therapy is administered a number of ways, most often through IV but also in the form of oral medication or rectal suppository. All forms of chelation therapy should be administered by healthcare professionals competent in the assessment and diagnosis of excessive toxicity in the body. Chelation treatments require fully functional kidneys and are not without potential side effects. Global Healthcare Options can provide you with a range of service providers to meet your needs.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has seen a resurgence in the Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation sectors of medicine. Although it has been used for decades in the treatment of burns and wound infections, as well as the treatment of those injured in too rapid scuba diving ascents, it was only discovered recently that it could also dramatically increase the circulation of one’s own stem cells. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is administered by simply laying in a specially designed metal chamber for about an hour and breathing in O2 under increased barometric pressure. Even two treatments have been found to increase circulating stem cells by 100%. Global Healthcare Options can introduce you to the service provider that can best meet your health needs.

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