Step by Step

Follow these simple, assisted steps to a healthier you in Thailand


Step 1: Request for Your Treatment Plan & Cost Estimation

  • Complete our “Needs Assessment Form” including any questions you may have concerning our services. If it is about lastic surgery, please take clear pictures of the areas of your body where you want surgery.
  • Receive online cost estimation and e-brochure.
  • Complete a simple medical questionnaire (MIF) to help us understand your medical history in detail.
  • Once we receive your information, we will contact the selective medical facilities in Thailand on your behalf to obtain a treatment plan and cost estimation of the required treatment, along with the medical professionals’ credentials.

You make the journey. We do the rest.

We can recommend combined procedures for the best results at the greatest value, as well as optional alternative treatments, to speed up your recovery as part of your treatment plan.

Step 2: Personalize Your Travel Arrangements

  • We would like to request information about your travel arrangements in advance in order to make available to you a complete financial plan for your medical travel.
  • We can assist in arranging your accommodation, airport transfer, and local transportation. We can also assist in interpretation of the language, sightseeing tours and the post-treatment retreat.
  • You will receive an email of the information you will need to make a final decision on your travel arrangements.
  • Once you have reviewed and decided on the information, you will receive a confirmation on your personalized medical travel package, completed with both a medical treatment plan and your travel arrangements.

Step 3: Booking & Payment

  • When you are satisfied with your personalized medical travel package and aware of your travel dates, we will send you an itinerary for your consideration.
  • Once you confirm your itinerary, a booking deposit is required for your accommodation and other travel arrangements to be secured.
  • Once we receive your deposit, we will confirm all your reservations including dates of consultation, surgery, etc. with our medical affiliates and send you a confirmation note, along with your detailed itinerary as well as a pre-travel information packet.


Step 1: At Arrival

A Patient Advocate (PA) from Global Healthcare Options will greet you at the arrival hall (Exit 3) at the airport and take you personally to your hotel or your hospital/clinic as acknowledged in your itinerary. The deposit that you have paid in advance will be returned to you in cash, so to ease your convenience of having local currency on hand. Your PA will review with you all the details of your medical holiday, and give you our Welcome Package, which includes a cell phone and local contact numbers for your convenience during your stay in the country.

Step 2: Consultation with the Doctor/Surgeon

  • You will meet with your doctor/surgeon at a pre-arranged date and time for a preprocedure consultation. In this session, you will have a very clear understanding of the procedures and what to do before and after the surgery.
  • This is the final consultation before the procedure to confirm all details regarding your health condition and the procedure.
  • A test may be required to confirm you are in good health and ready for the procedure.

Step 3: Procedure Day

Your Global Healthcare Options PA will take care of all things you need on this day. The best doctor/ surgeon, at an excellent medical facility, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, will perform your procedure.

Step 4: Post-treatment Recovery

When the doctor/surgeon is satisfied with your post-op condition, you will start your recuperation. You will leave the hospital/clinic and arrive back at your hotel with assistance to begin the healing process. During this time, should you require anything, our customer service representatives are just a phone call away.

Step 5: It is a Holiday, After All

After recuperating, and the doctor/surgeon is satisfied with your progress, you can enjoy the attractions and activities that Thailand has to offer. There are fantastic beaches, which highlight the beauty of Thai nature, historical & heritage sites that display Thai art & culture, high-end & great bargain shopping that Thailand offers for its visitors, nightlife & entertainment that everyone can enjoy, and all-year festivals & events. We can manage everything for you and your party. Enjoy the Land of Smiles & our warmest hospitality!


Your PA will assist you with your departure from the hotel to the airport to ensure your stay is smooth and convenient, even to the last day.

Do you need any further details?