This is Thailand,and we love it!
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Live Long Enough to Live Forever?

June 23, 2016

In 2004, noted inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil and anti-aging physician Dr. Terry Grossman published a book entitled “Fantastic …

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Global Healthcare Options Expands Greatly

June 20, 2016

IN Response to greatly increased demands for our services, GLOBAL HEALTHCARE OPTIONS has initiated an aggressive recruiting …


Breast Augmentation: Before and After Photos

May 18, 2016

Being comfortable with what is possible is one of critical questions each person must answer for themselves before making …


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This is Thailand
This is Thailand, each year millions of people travel to Thailand to immerse themselves in the gracious culture of its people, experience the awe-inspiring grandeur of its natural wonders. and indulge in its superlative amenities.

GHCO Plastic Surgery Options Thailand
Thailand is rapidly becoming the Number One Destination Worldwide for those seeking state of the art plastic surgery at an affordable cost.


Name: Naya Inayah

Country of Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia

Surgery: Breast Implants Replacement Surgery

6 months ago I traveled to Thailand for breast augmentation surgery at a well-known hospital.  Unfortunately, the results were not what I expected. . .

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Name: Fiorenzo Nisi

Age: 55

Country of Origin: Italy

A few months ago I injured my shoulder while on a photo shoot. I’m a fashion photographer and this injury was interfering. . .
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Mr. Adrian Matthews
Oregon, USA Patient

Mr. Scott Nissen
Texas, USA Patient


Global Healthcare Options can arrange for any hotel accommodations suitable to your specific needs in terms of location, amenities, and budget.

We work closely with hotels located close to the hospitals, clinics, shopping areas and can match with your specific needs.  



Global Healthcare Options can provide all of your “In-Country” transportation needs.

Although most of our packaged tours include transportation, we can also arrange private limousine or even flights to areas outside of the Bangkok Metropolitan Area.  

We are with you every step of the way.


Other Services

Global Healthcare Options is pleased to be able to offer you and/or your traveling companions any other specific services you may desire or need.

We can arrange tours, shopping sprees, spa and wellness treatments, hand-tailored garments, or just about anything else.



There are many reasons Thailand is rated the Number 1 Medical Tourist Destination in the World. The following are the Top Ten Reasons for the Popularity of Medical Tourism in Thailand:

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Like doctors in the West, Thai physicians are highly trained and skilled in the science and art of diagnosis and treatment. Specialists have completed advanced training and nearly all speak conversational English.

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Contact Global Healthcare Options through either e-mail or telephone. You will receive a brief message asking you a few questions that will assist us in helping you. We will contact you at your covenience.

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